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Haunted Temper

The evil charms flutter
Cursing the utmost atmosphere
With winds that turn in to hurricanes
As my blood chills the nerves with pain
My rage rises again…
The lightening of my eyes
And thundering of my voice
Shattering of my bones
Leaving me so gloom and cold…
With so fury and anguish
My anger bubbles in there;
The cauldron of forbidden serenity, how dare,
All concentrations lost and deep sighs taking place
Tearing my thoughts of confusion
That force me into further panic,
With puzzling and unsolved mystery
My dream worlds are knocked in history,
My pleasures lost and loneliness spared
While everything seems fragile and in-vain
As they did it again…
Roused my ‘Temper’……
And now beware…
‘Cause it haunts its mistress and everywhere
And strikes……
Calm after storm
As finally it ends……

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