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Killer Shark

As an 18 year old, I used to stare at the sea with awe. Very soon, I will have to go in there to grow corals. By this time the scientists had invented a way to grow corals under sea at the coastal area. My father worked for the Corals Department with the hope of saving corals, which protected the beach from sea erosion. And he; my father, was the one who invented a method to grow corals. There was a diving team in the Corals Department to fulfill this task and my father also belonged to this team. He always taught me the value of corals and how he grew corals with his fellow divers. But unfortunately one day my father didn’t return home from diving. We were drawn apart when we got to know that father and a few more divers were killed by a “Killer Shark”, one of the most dangerous sharks. My mother wept for losing him, but I wept thinking of my future; for I also have to be a diver like my father and might get killed by the “Killer Shark”. I was informed that I should join the Corals Department by 18 years old. By then I was just 16 years old.

As usual I sat by the seashore watching the tide and waves roaring against the rocks. Today’s my 18th birthday. But I was not slightest happy, but with anger filled with fear. I watched the busy sea gulls catching fish with their swift beaks. The golden sun turned red and sank in the faraway horizon. The clouds flushed in orange and red, as they’d been shy. In a sudden, I felt an arm on my shoulder. It was my mother holding an envelope with excitement. My hands shivered as I took out the letter with my both hands. My heart stopped beating as I went through it. The letter was from the Corals Department as I hoped, informing that I have passed the diving sessions and related exams and therefore chosen for the diving group. I showed mother a faint smile and went home to make ready the necessities for the following day. Once I fell asleep that night, I only dreamt about Killer Sharks which made me feel rather terrible.

The next morning I watched the sun rise from the horizon as the salty wind hugged me farewell. I was ready to dive with rest of the divers. Within a few minutes I was undersea working out the duties with my fellow divers. But then my eye caught the sight of a dark shadow nearby which led my heart beating with a rapid thud, as I continued on with my work. The next minute what I saw was a whole area of the sea flushing in red; and it was BLOOD! I realized what had happened. It was that Killer Shark again. The thought of the Killer Shark turned me cold. I dived towards my team mates to report the emergency which was a rule, at danger. But I was too late, for it had attacked the rest of divers leaving me and one another. Both of us sped towards the surface to reach our boat. My companion was slower and finally he too was a victim. The next second, its eyes caught the sight of me and it started speeding after me. I was rather exhausted for I couldn’t swim any further. The shark caught my fin and pulled me towards its fearful jaws inviting me for his prey. With a great struggle and confusion, I dragged my dagger up high and struck the shark’s eye, which was filled with fury. The shark slowing for the bottom, crying with great pain and that must have been its end. Next I hurried to our boat and returned home. All were so surprised and proud of me, for what I had done. But rather than the fame I earned, I was much more satisfied, as I took the revenge from that Killer Shark for killing my father.

That day was the day which I faced the most dangerous situation during my life so far. But even after that incident, I still continue on with my job of growing corals. Each time, when I remember that incident and those fierce eyes of that shark, I believe that it was just an omen. But yet I have to go on, as my fate calls upon.

- The End -
Word count:772

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