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In Search of Serenity

“Two more soldiers killed in Vavuniya – both were killed on the spot; fired at by suspected LTTE cadres at Veppankulam,” the newspaper headlines shot out one of the latest crime scenes of the country. No doubt there’ll be more. The country’s all covered with the mist of crime and fear these days. A major general of the army was assassinated just a few days ago. Several bomb explosions were reported in certain regions of the country while some bombs are discovered in turn. And the LTTE, which is more commonly referred to as Tigers is presumed to be the cause in all these cases. Our parents fear to send us school, after all the true or false rumours spread about the tigers attacking the popular Buddhist schools in the country. But the government assures that there’s nothing to panic as it is just a tale. But how can we assure the government for our own safety when the army generals are doubtful of theirs? I’m facing my A-levels next year and as A-level being a top level exam, it is a waste even to miss school for a few days due to these rumours.

While some worry about schooling, others do worry about their pleasure. My sisters, who have completed their O-level exams and waiting for results to be issued, are blaming the country for not having a friendly atmosphere. That is because they are missing the opportunity to enjoy shopping or going for movies or picnics with their friends. It’s so unfair in the aspects of a teenager or a youth to have such an alarming situation in the country so as to lose their freedom in studying or entertainment. What I mentioned so far is the injustice that the Sri Lankan people have to face due to LTTE. But it’s not just the Sinhalese people that suffer all these discrimination, what about the Tamils who undergo much more fierce experiences? The LTTE is ruling the North of Sri Lanka presiding Jaffna as the main town. Inhabitants in Jaffna have to pay taxes for the government as well as the LTTE and they undergo much more restrictions being treated as slaves of these Tigers. And the Tamil youths are forced to join the LTTE for war or death would be their destiny.

Is that what we long for - Death - Fear? It was in 1948 Sri Lanka crowned as an independent country. But what is the plight that has come to Sri Lanka now? We feel that it’s disappointing that the Sri Lankan army is not taking direct actions to wage war against the LTTE. It’s true that waging a war is unfair after all the peace talks the government had with LTTE to finally set up Ceasefire agreements. But once they have failed to continue Ceasefire after all their attacks, why not we defend ourselves against them? That’s what any one would think when living as a victim to all these threats. I may seem partial with my ideas against the LTTE, but are we not to survive in this country or to lead a tranquil life without fear? Many citizens believe that the Tamils are the cause for all these destructions and crimes. Though there’re Tamils in the LTTE, all the rest of the innocent Tamils have nothing to do with it. They are just helpless with lost hope for survival. But how unfortunate we are in search of peace? Thoughts of ignorance and frustration are drenched in our minds against the Tamils. We are lacking social integration with them where we find many Sinhalese people cursing them or treating them as if they were of some inferior caste. If the present situation continues further, soon there’ll be assassinations of Tamils by the Sinhalese people as there were in the late 1980s, where Sinhalese murdered the Tamils when a troop of Sri Lankan army soldiers were killed by the Tigers.

Where it will end will simply be a dream, but where it will continue is there in reality. Should that be justice? What do we seek in every other aspect of life? Isn’t it the serenity or peace to live better than how we are today? But how many of us gain that freedom? Do you think you’ll gain that liberty in life through all these wars? There’ll never be an end, but for the anticipation of killing one another in revenge. This vengeance will grow within the bloods of the future generation and so forth never will it come to end.

And that’s why we should try ourselves to live together with the hope of giving birth to a society nurtured with harmony and love for one another. It’s the understanding what we lack. Whoever is wrong, I believe that person has to be given a chance to learn what’s right and justice. But without proper understanding how are we to know the expectations of others? Lack of understanding leads to frustration and finally to betrayal, where wars emerge in to scene. That’s what I see as the cause to all these destructions. Once a party fails to fulfil his or her expectations there arise the greed for fortune. And this greed leads to rob or to claim the ownership for what is belonged to others. Then to protect what you have gained, you defend yourself, property or murder ones who come to threaten. Finally there begins a war, where resources and lives from each party are lost.

In most of the situations, it’s simply of no use to argue about this matter – since the politicians are considered to be the only capable authorities to take all the decisions through out this peace process. But as independent citizens we should also be able to contribute our help in this peace process. It’s easier said than done, but it’s worth giving a try to improve understanding among others so as to live together as a free nation attaining serenity for our lives.

- The End -
Written in 2006
Word count: 996

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