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Plane Plunges into Sea

“Plane plunges into sea”. The headline was stated on the first page of the newspaper. My eyes fixed on the headline with horror. My mind drew to the past with those cold memories.

It was a gloomy day on Monday, the 30th of September. I started packing my things in to my bags. We were to reach the Katunayake airport by 2200h. Within half an hour we were there at the entrance of the airport. We rushed to the door of the aero plane which stated “101”. And there, we took seats of that very plane, which was to fly to Los Angeles. I got a seat by the window and I was much contented, ‘cause, I always loved to have a seat by the window, so I can have a good look of the surrounding. When it was 2400h in the midnight, we were flying over the “Bermuda Triangle”. My legs started clattering and an eerie thought ran along my nerves. I have read about the “Bermuda Triangle” and it was a place where ships that sailed along it and planes that flew over it, got disappeared.

Suddenly I felt a magnetic power activating from far below towards my feet. And the plane started to drag down as if it was magnetized by some enormous power. People started to scream and I held the arm of my seat so tight for I couldn’t get my hands off it. I couldn’t think of anything except my parents. I turned around to look at them, but all the people around me seemed dizzy and blur to my sight. My mind ran all around about the “Bermuda Triangle”. Scientifically the cause for this is the gravitational force around the “Bermuda Triangle”. As it had a great power of gravity all over this place, the ships and aero planes, which went towards this “Bermuda Triangle”, were dragged in to this “Bermuda Triangle” and were disappeared.

Suddenly there was a loud splashing sound and the plane was plunged in to the deep blue sea. My eyes were focused on the window and I saw fish of different patterns and styles diving away from our plane. The plane sunk and struck on the hard rock sending bubbles and then there were pieces of the plane all around us. When I took my full effort to swim to the surface, a man caught my leg. I struggled like anything and kicked the old man, not knowing whether it was my father or not and without even feeling sorry for him. By that moment I only thought about surviving my life. The next second I continued diving to the surface, but some sort of power hauled me to the core of the earth. Though I used all sort of techniques of diving that I could think of, it was helpless. I felt my final breath losing from my lungs and then I could not think of anymore, for that was the end of me.

Now I’m just a soul or perhaps a ghost. I heard the father of the church memorizing us after getting to know that we had left this world, earning death. I’m lifeless and now I just float along in the atmosphere, thinking of that cold, gloomy memory of that very past. I held a last glance of the headline and joined the fellow spirits of the atmosphere.

- The End -
Word count:564

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