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Being a Nineteen Plus

I had a dream since I was a little girl
Waiting impatiently to be at late teens
I thought it's a sensation
So fascinating and thrililng
To stand alone high above the juniors
And never get teased by the rest..
But now I weap with such bitterness
For being nineteen plus so early
To have left all the fun and passion
That I used to have as a teenager..
Being a nineteen plus is never easy
Full of difficulty and so much stress
Such misunderstanding that they never believe
And too many responsibilities I have to tackle with...
They think I'm no longer a kid
So never bothers for a talk or a laugh to share with
I feel no more affection nor love or care
Nothing but a doubt or curiosity to be aroused with...
Didn't know growing is such a burden
And that you are hardly ever felt or understood
But misery and worries all counting by
Leaving much more suffering or pain to cry upon
But maybe that's why 'tis called life
But my heart's still there in my childhood...

Composed on 12/ 02/ 08

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