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A Glimpse at the years to come

I stared at the clock above the black board lazily and stretched my arms across my desk. I studied my eyes across the classroom and my colleagues were busy, roaring paper rockets all over the class, splashing water, scribbling cartoons on paper and engaging in other work of stupidity. Professor Grimmwich, our lecturer for Physics was carrying out his lecture on ‘Time Dimensions’ with his invention beside him, which he used to call the ‘time machine.’ He was bringing about the relationship of miracles of time and science. It was total nonsense that such contrasting factors could be brought together for comparison – science and enchantment. I strongly had my perspective that one could never travel across time, since I believed time is just another dimension. Time stated 1158h on the clock and I rested my chin on my arms heaving a restless sigh.

The professor then suddenly called me front and I stepped to him thinking what sort of a charm would he perform next – disappear me to the time of apes? It was simply ridiculous. But each time I argued with him, he was bringing out all concepts which are still in experimental process, to give birth for hope to my personal views regarding time. He was in depth of his assumptions that time is a valuable dimension of use, once we get to know its capacity. Professor Grimmwich once again reminded us about the ‘black holes’ in space where particles around the black hole get absorbed in to it and as you are transferred to another location of the universe you find that the time too has changed across the black hole. Well, yet we are not entirely aware of these black holes though scientists believe that they do exist in the universe struggling with very high energy. Also we have heard that once you travel in speeds close to that of light, your aging get retarded as it had been for the astronauts in spaceships. Paranormal and confusing situations are in existence, for which the scientists are in search of clues. But Professor Grimmwich was another time traveler for me as in the tale ‘time machine.’

So as I went to him before the classroom, he placed his remote-controller-like-time machine equipment on my palm and told to operate it. As I switched it on, a foggy smoke covered my surrounding and I couldn’t make out any thing or person around me other than the fumes. Just as I thought it was totally nonsense as I was right there in my classroom standing right beside the professor. I smirked but then after a few seconds only I was capable enough of understanding what has really happened. The entire classroom was filled with the utmost silence and everyone was motionless as if a movie clip has been paused. I drew close to my professor and swayed my hand alongside his eyes, but there wasn’t a single movement. Every one was freeze still. The surprising fact was that, the time on the clock was held stating 1158h. I walked along my class and my friends were like statues. The paper rockets were on air as if trapped by some gravitation alike in the universe. I tried to touch one of the paper rockets but it was sharp as a blade and my finger ended up in bleeding. Maybe you need an extraordinary force to change position of objects within unknown time intervals. My eyes caught the sight of still splashes of water over air in the classroom, but didn’t intend to go through further injuries. The colleagues were wearing still expressions as some had their mouths open wide and making funny faces. I went back before the classroom and took hold of the professor’s time machine equipment and pressed on its button, without the slightest thought of where I will end up next minute. Once again the smoke was around me and I found my classroom visible once again just as it used to be, with all the movements taking place. I glimpsed at the clock in a swish and was lost in confusion to find that it stated the same time 1158h. Everything took place within the minute itself. The professor questioned me for my experiences and I showed him an uncomfortable guilty smile as I walked back to my desk empty minded. I found my finger bleeding and the paper rocket having a slight blood stain due to my weird experience across time. Everything was back to normal – my colleagues, their nasty work and the classroom itself. I took seat at my desk and gave one last stare at the clock hanging at the top of the wall. The time was 1159h. Was it a flash back I had just a minute ago? Or is time really capable enough of being halt and can we travel across time? I was lost in the middle of perplexing questions which were left alone unsolved or disturbed. Time - is that the answer for all our mysteries or should we go ahead…

- The End -

Written date: 28/ 08/ 2006
Word count: 841

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